Quality Management

Compass Quality Solutions finds the best direction to achieve results through quality improvement.Complying with quality management system (QMS) standards is no easy task, even with enough resources to manage them. Unfortunately, today’s difficult business climate has lead to downsizing resulting in scarce resources available to manage the same QMS requirements.

Compass Quality Solutions helps you transform what could be just more paperwork into a productive business tool that more than pays for itself over time. The quality management systems we have put in place for clients often begin to reap financial benefits within six months of implementation.

ISO 9001 Certification

Compass Quality Solutions has many years of experience educating and leading organizations through the certification process and auditing quality management systems. We help you select and develop a cooperative relationship with a registrar. We assess your readiness for the certification audit. We help your employees adjust to the standard and the changes it creates in your business. A certified ISO 9001 quality management system helps your organization:

  • Improve market credibility
  • Enter new markets
  • Obtain more contracts
  • Increase sales and revenue

QMS Development and Implementation

Compass Quality Solutions works with you to correctly interpret and thoroughly understand the intent of the ISO 9001 standard and its application to your business. We help you design and implement an effective quality system based on what’s best for your company and your customers.

We work with you to:

  • Establish consistent processes and procedures.
  • Establish better internal controls and reporting.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve quality through fewer defects, fewer product recalls, and on-time delivery.
  • Lower operating and production costs through improved process effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Achieve higher revenue through repeat orders from satisfied customers.